February 2019 Shoot on Saturday

Hello friends!
Saturday was F-f-freezing! When Irish and I got to the range it was 26 degrees. We were seeing the tiniest of snowflakes. You better believe I got that fire and coffee started as fast as I could! Little Fat Buddy told Irish and I that, from his memory, the coldest shoot Indian Territory has ever had was 19 degrees. And he “loves it when the weather is like this”. Uh huh. Suuuurrreee. He said this as he covered his face with a balaclava/face mask!
Prepared for a small group, we were pleasantly surprised when not only our die-hard cowboys came out, but also THREE NEW SHOOTERS!
“Cat Hunter” and his mom, Ida, came out to enjoy the camaraderie and watch a match, but we all know what that means.. ! They got guns put in their hands! Ida only shot for fun, but “Cat Hunter” shot 4 stages with us. I believe one or both may come back very soon. 🙂
“Cole Miner” came out just to watch a match as well, and he got away with only shooting one stage, but he was sure hooked and vowed to visit again and maybe even join our Ol’ Coot’s Shoots on 4th Wednesdays.
So how did we make it through 6 stages in the bitter cold?! With fire, coffee, chocolate, hand warmers, and Bad Crooked Aimes’ propane heater! Oh, and great company, of course! We closed up the doors on the livery and shot all 6 at the Church, and we left our shotguns in our carts to make it a little quicker and a little different! With such a great crowd, we had a lot of fun.
On our 5th stage, Irish Kid pulled a bail of hay and we had to shoot the bow and arrow at a Sugar Pie “conversation heart” for a 10-second bonus. If we missed that but hit the bail of hay, he graciously gave us a 5-second bonus. This cowgirl did not hit either (and neither did Irish, haha!). But Cat Hunter was the ONE cowboy that hit the heart for the 10-seconds off of his time! Both Tuckered Outlaw and Little Fat Buddy hit the bail to take 5 seconds off their scores.
So yes it was cold, but we had a great time and by the time we were halfway done, the icicles were melting.
Congratulations to Irish and Tuckered for taking the top spots of this year’s Valentine’s shoot! No one managed to get away clean on this one, but I’m giving a personal round of applause to us all for showing up and sticking it out!
Say hello to your 7 out of 8 of your brave cowboys and cowgirls!
The scores are here! We’ll be shooting again on February 27th for our Ol’ Coot’s shoot.

And a quick reminder! ITSASS Dues are due! If you are interested in becoming a new ITSASS member or renewing your membership and supporting the club, you can find the membership forms and more information about our club here.

Also! Don’t forget about our member t-shirts! We’ve got a design in mind and we’ll get started with orders in March! These are member t-shirts that not only help support the club but are also just a fun way to show off your cowboy membership. 🙂
We’ll see you next time on the range, friends!
Purdy Good
Indian Territory SASS

Old Timers Wednesday Shoot and Sweating Contest Report

Old Timers Wednesday shoot and Sweating Contest Report:
Wednesday, we had a grand time shooting on the hottest day of the year so far, but it was not all that bad as we had a nice breeze blowing all day.
We shot at the Corral which is nice and open with lots of shade and with the breeze it was comfortable right up to 1200 o’clock when it became steamy.
We had SEVEN brave shooters, including Mr Vice Mayor, Bearded Wonder, his wife Miss Wonder and Daughter Little Wonder (AKA Gwendolyn, AKA Miss Busy).  Mr Vice Mayor took off a day from work and came to shoot with us and Miss Wonder shot and tried out her new guns.  She is already good with those pistols so hubby Bearded Wonder better watch out.
So is was hot, and since we are in a full moon cycle (for those of you who don’t look up at night) that combination caused the Fairies, Gremlins and Leprechauns to come out and mess up our guns.  Almost everyone had either cranky guns, broke guns, misfeeding ammo and one dummy dropped his wife’s rifle and knocked the sights out of alignment (that was yours truly).  During the shoot we had a mini-repair station at the unloading table.
Between the heat, Leprechauns and woodland fairies, no one got a clean match. Poor Tom Slick ALMOST made it but missed a small rifle target on the last stage. There was no joy for poor Tom.  (He he he, I did that, I put up the smallest target I could find).
Well, all of you missed a great fun shoot under unusual circumstances, but we all had a good time.
Keep on Shootin’
Little Fat Buddy
Congrats to our top shooters: Tom Slick, Tuckered Outlaw, and Bad Crooked Aimes! 
-Purdy Good

Post 2018 Woolaroc Review!

Hey Y’all!!!

Wasn’t it a hoot this year at Pursuit?! Tons of kids with grandparents and water fun was just a part of the grand time we all had. Some really nice folks who had never come to one of our shoots drove 1,000 miles to visit! Thank you Harry II Late, Trickster and friends! We’re so glad you came out and hope you’re already making plans for next year! 😉

We had a great potluck on Friday with a huge turn out and some of the best food this side of Oklahoma! And I don’t think you can say you were even at Woolaroc if you didn’t hear from The Bearded Wonder asking you over to his camp for some grub! 😉

If you have any photos or videos from the shoot please share them on our Facebook group so everyone can enjoy! Stay tuned for what we got, too!

We had 104 shooters come on out and I know we were all pretty worried about the weather at first, and it did get warm at the end of the day, but man it sure ended up being a pretty great day for lead! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I sure feel like this was one of the best darn Pursuits we’ve had!

HUGE THANKS goes out to all the waddies and folks down from Mizzou for helping set up and tear down stages! You guys are SUCH A BIG HELP!!! We can’t thank you enough!!

THANK YOU BURLY BILL AND CATOOSA RED for putting on such an amazing match every year! Hats off to you both!


  1. Josey Kidd
  2. Irish Kid
  3. Cornbread Jones
  4. Jack Rabbit Slims
  5. Ned Plinkerton
  6. Hondo Tweed
  7. Yellowstone Harry
  8. Broncho Red
  9. Rootin Tootin Rangebum
  10. Ricochet

HUUUGGEEE CONGRATS to our ONLY Clean shooter: Rootin Tootin Rangebum!!!

Scores are on the website!

We hope to see you again real soon!

-Purdy Good
Town Clerk
Indian Territory SASS


Sunday March 18th Regular Match Results

Howdy Everyone!
Today we had 5 shooters come join us and y’all, you missed out on a real fun shoot! It was much warmer than yesterday, and since there weren’t a ton of us, we ran through the stages pretty fast (too bad it wasn’t faster for some of us or clean, to boot!) and we all stayed for a rousing round with the Texas Star!

Yours truly had never shot it before, so we all took turns shooting it with our pistols.. then our rifles.. and even our shot guns. The Bearded Wonder even managed to get all five targets with one hit! Don’t ask us how but it happened, I tell ya!

To top today off, we had a few first time shooters, Shaky and Slick Willy. They only ran through one stage because they really only wanted to come watch for a while, but we’re sure they’ll come back for some more of that black powder!
Top honors go to Irish Kid, Miracle Man, and Little Fat Buddy. They were quickly followed up by The Bearded Wonder and Longtown Lefty. I didn’t shoot stages because I was helping keep the posse running smooth!
Scores are up on the website! And photos from this weekend are being added to the Facebook group as I send this!​
Our next shoot is Wednesday, March 28th! We hope some of you with some extra time join Little Fat Buddy’s troupe and fire up your long guns and pistols!
Until next time, y’all!
-Purdy Good
Town Clerk
Indian Territory SASS

March 17th 2018 Match Results

Good Evening everyone!!
Today was a wonderful shoot! It was pretty cold to start, but it didn’t stop us today! We had at least 3 visitors come watch us sling lead, while we also had 1 new(er) shooter, and a group from down around OKC!
Our St. Patrick’s Day shoot went well, with everyone enjoying our “pot of gold” candy and good company. If you weren’t at the Gulch today, you totally missed our Mayor in his kilt. Don’t worry, we have pictures. Check our Facebook group for when they get uploaded!
All 16 of us shot through a full 6 stages without coming out clean! Too bad. But a Big Congrats goes out to our top three shooters, Angus Red, Stoney Cahill, and Irish Kid, who all walked away with some Sprite, candy, and a can of Ballistol!
Don’t forget we shoot again tomorrow and its the LAST DAY for your member t-shirt orders! If you are interested in shirts, but won’t be at the range tomorrow, please reply to let me know and we’ll get it worked out.
See you all tomorrow!
-Purdy Good
Town Clerk

Scores from this Weekend

Hi eveyone!

We had a great time at the range this weekend! We had a total of 18 shooters come out this weekend and brave the cold wind and cloudy skies of Sunday morning. Saturday wasn’t as bad once the sun came out, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen Sunday!

Luckily, we had hot coffee ready on the range for everyone to enjoy, and like the “good ‘ol days”, the cowboys and cowgirls that came out all sat around the coffee spot and chit chatted and caught up. It was wonderful.

(If you just want to get to the juicy stuff, scores are on the website! Feb 17 and Feb 18.)

Our Facebook page will be filled with the videos and photos I managed to take this weekend, so enjoy them as they come out! (Sorry if I missed anyone! But I sure tried to get something for everyone!) We also have a Facebook Group that you can join and chat amongst yourselves or share photos you may have grabbed!

We had quite a few visitors come up our way and enjoy all the lead slinging, one who is just about sure he will be coming back to shoot with his own gear pretty soon. We had a few leather enthusiasts, and another just waiting for his buddy to come on out to play!

Next time you see him, say hi to East Side Louie! He was a new shooter and friend of The Bearded Wonder’s that joined us today!

A couple of Cowfolk from over in Arkansas tried to beat the weather in their neck of the woods and shot with us on Saturday. Thanks to Alabama Bill and Prairie Ghost for joining us at The Gulch! Hope you had a good time on Sunday with Judge Parker’s Marshals!

Long time friend, but someone we haven’t seen in a while Puma Joe came by Sunday to work with the posse and watch the fun, too! Was a great surprise! We even managed to get a sighting of old time friend 45 Slim, too! He couldn’t handle the scattergun due to back surgery, but he threw rocks at those targets like no tomorrow! This weekend was full of catching up!

And we can’t forget mentioning that a few of the cowboys decided to have a Mock Wild Bunch stage after Saturday’s shoot, and they had so much fun that everyone went through the stage 3 times! Check out Little Fat Buddy explaining the stage and shooting through it.

Finally, Congrats to Josey Kidd for taking the top spot on Saturday, and coming in clean, to boot! Also congrats to Irish Kid and Speed Wagon for taking spots 2 and 3 respectively! All of these cowboys earned themselves some 4-piece Valentine’s day chocolate boxes on Saturday!

From today, we’d like to say congratulations to Irish Kid (#1), Angus Red (#2), and The Bearded Wonder (#3) for taking the top 3 spots! No one managed to come out clean today, though.

WHEW! That was a LOT! Our next shoot is Feb 28th for our Fourth Wednesday! We hope a few of you will join Little Fat Buddy and relax!

Til next time!

-Purdy Good
ITSASS Town Clerk


December 16th 2017’s Scores

Howdy y’all!

Saturday’s shoot must’ve been nice with the weather being warmer! We had 5 shooters come out to Buzzard Gulch and enjoy a good shoot.

Congratulations to Speed Wagon for taking the top spot on Saturday!

Scores are up!

Our Wednesday shoot is coming up on the 27th for those of you that like the mid-week shoot. Be sure to join the regular Wednesday bunch for some fun!

-Purdy Good
ITSASS Town Clerk