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Rule of the Week: A Revolver’s Hammer

Another rule I’ve seen surface in quite a few of my recent matches regards the physical state of the hammer on a revolver when it leaves the shooter’s hand.

Page 22 of the Shooter’s Handbook states that “returning a revolver to leather with the hammer not fully down on a spent round or empty chamber” or “[a] cocked revolver leaving the shooter’s hand” are both Stage Disqualification Penalties.

Basically, if the hammer is anything but fully down on an empty chamber or spent round–half-cock is the same as full-cock in regards to this rule–and the revolver leaves your hand, it’s a Stage DQ. This also seems like a good moment to remind everyone that de-cocking any firearm without positive direction/approval to do so from the Chief Range Officer/Timer Operator is also a Stage DQ.


2021 Shooter’s Handbook Update: Make your own Pocket RO Card

SASS HQ just updated their Shooter’s Handbook v25.1 for 2021. I’m not seeing a changelog for it yet–although in the SASS Wire Palewolf Brunelle has said one is coming.

What I have noticed, however, is there is an updated Pocket RO Card (page 41).

I like to make my own laminated version of the Pocket RO Card to keep with me on the range. I’ve found that Scott Self-Sealing Laminating Pouches, 43/8″ x 63/8″ are the perfect size with which to laminate the Pocket RO Card…but some care has to be taken with the method of printing.

On my PC, I download the PDF version of the Handbook and open it using Adobe Acrobat. I then print only the page containing the Pocket RO Card, and choose to Fit the text to the standard 8.5″ x 11″ paper. Using the Fit option in the Print dialog box produces the appropriate size card–once cutout–to nearly perfectly fit the laminating pouches. See my screenshot below of the options I select in the Print dialog box.

I hope you find this tip helpful! In just a few matches’ worth of having my laminated Pocket RO Card it’s already come in handy a few times. I highly suggest keeping one with you for those occasions where there is confusion regarding a particular rule.


2021: A new year for Indian Territory SASS

As with the entire world, 2020 was a challenging year for Indian Territory SASS. Despite the hardships, thanks to the help of numerous dedicated members, volunteers, and shooters, 2020 was a good year at Buzzard Gulch. We put on as many matches as we could, and nearly every one of our stages saw major upkeep or renovation. We hope that you’ve been out to shoot with us recently, but if you haven’t, come see what all the fuss is about!

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 situation did prevent us from having our annual Christmas party this year. As a new member, I’m particularly disappointed this wasn’t able to happen as I’ve heard how enjoyable these get-togethers are. Alas. We’ll have to make up for it for Christmas 2021.
A new year brings even more changes at Indian Territory SASS, and there are a few changes to which we want to bring attention (in no particular order other than how they come to mind):

Match Fees

Match fees are changing slightly. For members of Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club, match fees are still $8, whereas non-members are now $10. Update January 11, 2021: All shooters still only $8 per match! If you’re a regular shooter at Indian Territory SASS and not already a member of Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club but are interested in joining, contact our Mayor, Bad Crooked Aimes, and he can help you to become a member.

Scheduling Change

It only happened a few times a year, but with our “Saturday following 2nd Sunday” schedule, our matches would sometimes overlap those of Tulsey Town Cattlemen’s Association. To avoid this, we’ve updated our Saturday match to simply be the 3rd Saturday of each month.     

Leadership Changes

As anyone on our email list will know, in 2020, Little Fat Buddy retired as the Town Clerk and was replaced by OK Dirty Dan. As of the end of last year, Tuckered Outlaw has hung up his spurs as Sheriff, and Marmelade has laid down her pencil as Banker. Therefore, Lucky Dollar has signed-on as Co-Sheriff and due to some further structural changes in relation to Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club, we no longer have a dedicated ITSASS Banker. Thank you Tuckered Outlaw and Marmelade for your distinguished service, and we hope to continue seeing you just as often or more so in 2021!

New Website

Just launched, you’re looking at it now! As mentioned above, we have remodeled our website and changed our domain name to avoid some unfortunate confusion. Going forward, our website address is–though please note that if you have any bookmarks to the old website, they should still work.

Pursuit into the Osage Nation

COVID-19 caused the cancelation of the 2020 version of this match, but we are planning to continue it in 2021. The continuing COVID-19 situation means we don’t yet know when it will be, but we are working with Woolaroc to keep the tradition alive.

Wednesday Matches…I mean practices

We will no longer be keeping or emailing “official” scores at our Wednesday matches. We will however publish the results to our website so those interested can see their times. Just practices.

Grumpy Buckaroos

Bring out your 22LRs. With the scarcity of ammo right now, we will allow shooters of any age to participate in matches using 22LR firearms. This will be its own category and you can shoot in any style you’d like, but the shooter would still need to be dressed in SASS eligible attire of some sort. Since it’s not an official SASS category a shooter from this category cannot be declared a match winner, but we hope it will encourage people to come on out and shoot. 

2021 Membership

Indian Territory SASS will no longer maintain a membership separate from Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club. If you have registered for membership in 2021, your payment will either be refunded (if it’s already deposited), or torn up (if it hasn’t been deposited). As mentioned above, if you’re a cowboy shooter who regularly shoots at Buzzard Gulch and aren’t already a member of Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club, but would like to become one, contact our Mayor, Bad Crooked Aimes.

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Rule of the Week: Discarding of Long Guns

As I’ve seen this particular rule come to the fore in a few different matches lately, I’ll be highlighting it as my first Rule of the Week post.

From pages 17-18 of version 24.2 of the SASS Shooter’s Handbook (emphasis mine):

Long guns will be emptied and discarded with their barrels pointed safely downrange. This condition may be corrected on the clock, prior to the next round being fired. If the long gun is not discarded empty prior to the next firearm being fired, only the shooter may return to open and/or clear the firearm at the end of the stage under the observation of the CRO/TO. Should an empty casing/hull be ejected or found in the action or chamber, or a live round on the carrier of an open action, a Minor Safety Violation (MSV) will be assessed. However, if the action is opened, and a live/unfired round is ejected, a Stage DQ (SDQ) will be assessed for a long gun with a “live round under a cocked hammer having left the shooter’s hands”. In this case, there is no opportunity to correct this condition before firing the next firearm, as the penalty takes effect upon leaving the shooter’s hands.

–If the long gun is the last firearm used, it must be cleared prior to it leaving the shooters hand(s) at the unloading area.

–This does not apply to firearms shot out of sequence, made safe, and then restaged.

Shooters Handbook Vers 24_2 MASTER (

A recent example: A shooter fires nine shots from their rifle and sets the firearm down, barrels pointing down range, action open, but with a live round on the carrier. In this case, the shooter may return to the rifle before the next round is fired, engage the final target, then proceed with the stage and this would be a No Call. If, however, the shooter proceeded to fire their next gun (or were to place the rifle on the reloading table prior to clearing it if it were their last firearm used), then the shooter would be assessed a Minor Safety Violation.

A quick reference to this rule can also be found on the RO Pocket Card as the first item listed. The RO Pocket Card can be found as Section 8 of the Shooter’s Handbook.

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ITSASS Match Recap – December 26, 2019

Howdy folks, Little fat Buddy with all the news fit to print from the 2019 Post Christmas Thursday shoot.
What a time we had.
Eighteen, yes, eighteen happy Christmas Elves came out for a fun winter shoot on the day after Christmas.    In keeping with the Christmas Spirit even the weather cooperated with beautiful weather, cool temperatures and light winds.
Our New Mayor, Bad Crooked Aims and his cadre of helpers, Tuckered Outlaw and Tom Slick, wrote up some fine stages for us to shoot:
There were two Merry Christmas Stages, two corral stages, one bordello stage and even a SPELLING CONTEST at the jail.  Yes a spelling contest for “HAPPY NEW YEAR, except the letters were mixed up and the correct spelling had to be shot in order.  One problem showed up however.  There were four letters on the shot gun targets which lasted exactly one shot before they were erased. So all we got to shoot was “HAPPY NEW YE”.
Well, I guess “Happy New Ye” got the message across ok.
Top shooters were:
# 1, Josey Kidd
#2, Lil Lump (A 12 year old sixth grade Buckaroo beat out all these guys)
#3 Tuckered Outlaw
#4 Brazos Valley Kid
Clean shooter was:
Josey Kidd
Our Next Shoot is the 5th Sunday shoot on 29 Dec 19, so come on out and don’t give up because maybe a 12 year old sixth grader won’t come out.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Keep on shootin Little fat Buddy
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December 14, 2019 – ITSASS Match Recap

Hello friends!
We had a good, albeit cold time at our shoot yesterday and had 18 cowboys and cowgirls join us at the range!
Stages were written by Bearded Wonder who made them close and fast! So luckily, we got to enjoy our annual Christmas party around 1PM!
Big congrats goes to High Plains Hud, Angus Red, Irish Kid, Bearded Wonder, and Bad Crooked Aimes for taking the top 5 spots!

ALSO Big Round of Applause for our CLEAN Shooters: Bearded Wonder, Brazos Valley Kid, Gunny 00, High Plains Hud, and Irish Kid!

Thanks to everyone that came along to enjoy our shoot and the ITSASS Member Christmas Party!
Your Scores are on the website and I’ll share our party pictures on Facebook!

Purdy Good

Indian Territory SASS

12-8-2019 ITSASS Match Recap

Howdy Friends, Little Fat Buddy here with a report on the Sunday, 8 Dec 19 Shoot.
The day dawned clear and not too cold, but later clouded up along with a wind.  It was not too bad but it was cool.
We had 12 shooters come out and included in them was The Creek County Kid and Dead Eye Dillon, Clint Westwood, Matt Valentine, Snake Oil George and E.K. Hale.
Those guys put on a shooting display which was not too be missed. Dead eye Dillon had one stage of 9 Seconds.  His overall time for all six stages was 99 seconds.  WOW!!!
Dead Eye also wrote the stages which were new, challenging and FUN!!
Top shooter was, of course, Dead Eye Dillon
Second place was Creek County Kid (shocker)
Third place was Clint Westwood.
The clean match went to Clint Westwood.
Little Fat Buddy

9-29-2019 Fifth Sunday Match Recap

Hello friends,
We had a great day yesterday! The weather stayed pretty cool and when it did get warm, it stayed nice and breezy!  We got started not long after 8:30am and got done by 11:30am!
Congrats to Little Fat Buddy for being the only clean shooter for the day! I heard reports that everyone else had a fun time. 🙂
​Our top shooters were Angus Red, Irish Kid, and Catoosa Red! Congrats guys!

Scores are up on the website.

We’re looking forward to seeing you again in October!​
​Purdy Good
Indian Territory SASS

ITSASS Monthly Match Recap – September 25, 2019

Hey y’all! Here’s what Little Fat Buddy had to say about Wednesday:
Howdy there Cowboy Shooters,
Little Fat Buddy here of the Buzzard Gulch Gazette, reporting on the Fun Fun Fun Wednesday Shoot we had at the Gulch.
The Top Three Shooters were:
#1 Tuckered Outlaw,  #2 Smokin Okie and #3  Ninety Caliber Al.
Little Fat Buddy shot Clean
Bad Crooked Aims came in dead last, but that was due to ammo problems.
Everyone, the boys especially, need to thank Bad Crooked Aims for repairing the lights in the boys bathroom, so now we can “See to Pee”.   ????? Oops, Did I say that out loud??
The day started off with a light warm rain, but you would never have noticed it as it was SO HUMID. That humidity kept up most of the day, but our EIGHT intrepid Wednesday Shooters soldiered on and had a great time.
We shot 3 stages 2 times each and had lots of fun and laughs.
The next Wednesday shoot is scheduled for 23 October 19, maybe it will be cooler then.
Keep on Shootin
Little Fat Buddy

We’re also shooting this Sunday for our fifth Sunday shoot! With the cooler weather, we’ll be shooting 6 stages for sure and we’ll be shooting fast and furious! We hope you’ll join us!
Safety Meeting at 8:30AM shooting to start soon after!

Purdy Good

Indian Territory SASS
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09-21-19 Robbers’ Ruckus Match Recap

Hello friends!
We had a pretty eventful day today with our Robbers’ Ruckus shoot! It was a pretty muggy day and rained on us a bit on and off, but mostly it stayed overcast and kept the hot weather at bay.
We were treated to Rib Crib for lunch and a pretty amazing cake! You’ll have to see the pictures! (We’ll get those up on Facebook over the next few days!)
Everyone I heard talk about those stages loved them. They were fast and pretty fun! Ninety Caliber Al did a great job with them and we were even done a little earlier than we all expected to be!
My personal favorites (even though I missed on them both, ahem) were stage 1 where we had to throw the stick of dynamite before shooting followed closely by the last stage where we were given the 5 pistol/rifle targets and told to hit them all at least once, and it was shooter’s choice.
Big thanks to all the waddies, brass pickers, counters, and helpers throughout the whole day and during setup. The shoot wouldn’t have run so smooth without you!

Huge Congrats goes to the Top “Kids”; Iron Tomahawk KID, Josey KIDD, and Irish KID! They went home with the top three spots followed by Angus Red, Major Art Tillery, Half Rack, Speed Wagon, Alabama Bill, Catoosa Red, and Broncho Red to round out the top 10.

Another round of applause to those shooters that managed to get away clean!! Buffdriver, Josey Kidd, Little Fat Buddy, Tom Slick, and Tulsa Lawman!
The scores are all now posted on the website and if you have any photos or videos from today, we’d love if you would share them with us by including the hashtag #RobbersRuckus OR sending them to our Facebook group or Facebook page.
Thank you all again for helping to make today a great shoot for all! We hope to see you again soon!!
Purdy Good