Sunday March 18th Regular Match Results

Howdy Everyone!
Today we had 5 shooters come join us and y’all, you missed out on a real fun shoot! It was much warmer than yesterday, and since there weren’t a ton of us, we ran through the stages pretty fast (too bad it wasn’t faster for some of us or clean, to boot!) and we all stayed for a rousing round with the Texas Star!

Yours truly had never shot it before, so we all took turns shooting it with our pistols.. then our rifles.. and even our shot guns. The Bearded Wonder even managed to get all five targets with one hit! Don’t ask us how but it happened, I tell ya!

To top today off, we had a few first time shooters, Shaky and Slick Willy. They only ran through one stage because they really only wanted to come watch for a while, but we’re sure they’ll come back for some more of that black powder!
Top honors go to Irish Kid, Miracle Man, and Little Fat Buddy. They were quickly followed up by The Bearded Wonder and Longtown Lefty. I didn’t shoot stages because I was helping keep the posse running smooth!
Scores are up on the website! And photos from this weekend are being added to the Facebook group as I send this!​
Our next shoot is Wednesday, March 28th! We hope some of you with some extra time join Little Fat Buddy’s troupe and fire up your long guns and pistols!
Until next time, y’all!
-Purdy Good
Town Clerk
Indian Territory SASS