2021: A new year for Indian Territory SASS

As with the entire world, 2020 was a challenging year for Indian Territory SASS. Despite the hardships, thanks to the help of numerous dedicated members, volunteers, and shooters, 2020 was a good year at Buzzard Gulch. We put on as many matches as we could, and nearly every one of our stages saw major upkeep or renovation. We hope that you’ve been out to shoot with us recently, but if you haven’t, come see what all the fuss is about!

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 situation did prevent us from having our annual Christmas party this year. As a new member, I’m particularly disappointed this wasn’t able to happen as I’ve heard how enjoyable these get-togethers are. Alas. We’ll have to make up for it for Christmas 2021.
A new year brings even more changes at Indian Territory SASS, and there are a few changes to which we want to bring attention (in no particular order other than how they come to mind):

Match Fees

Match fees are changing slightly. For members of Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club, match fees are still $8, whereas non-members are now $10. Update January 11, 2021: All shooters still only $8 per match! If you’re a regular shooter at Indian Territory SASS and not already a member of Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club but are interested in joining, contact our Mayor, Bad Crooked Aimes, and he can help you to become a member.

Scheduling Change

It only happened a few times a year, but with our “Saturday following 2nd Sunday” schedule, our matches would sometimes overlap those of Tulsey Town Cattlemen’s Association. To avoid this, we’ve updated our Saturday match to simply be the 3rd Saturday of each month.     

Leadership Changes

As anyone on our email list will know, in 2020, Little Fat Buddy retired as the Town Clerk and was replaced by OK Dirty Dan. As of the end of last year, Tuckered Outlaw has hung up his spurs as Sheriff, and Marmelade has laid down her pencil as Banker. Therefore, Lucky Dollar has signed-on as Co-Sheriff and due to some further structural changes in relation to Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club, we no longer have a dedicated ITSASS Banker. Thank you Tuckered Outlaw and Marmelade for your distinguished service, and we hope to continue seeing you just as often or more so in 2021!

New Website

Just launched, you’re looking at it now! As mentioned above, we have remodeled our website and changed our domain name to avoid some unfortunate confusion. Going forward, our website address is–though please note that if you have any bookmarks to the old website, they should still work.

Pursuit into the Osage Nation

COVID-19 caused the cancelation of the 2020 version of this match, but we are planning to continue it in 2021. The continuing COVID-19 situation means we don’t yet know when it will be, but we are working with Woolaroc to keep the tradition alive.

Wednesday Matches…I mean practices

We will no longer be keeping or emailing “official” scores at our Wednesday matches. We will however publish the results to our website so those interested can see their times. Just practices.

Grumpy Buckaroos

Bring out your 22LRs. With the scarcity of ammo right now, we will allow shooters of any age to participate in matches using 22LR firearms. This will be its own category and you can shoot in any style you’d like, but the shooter would still need to be dressed in SASS eligible attire of some sort. Since it’s not an official SASS category a shooter from this category cannot be declared a match winner, but we hope it will encourage people to come on out and shoot. 

2021 Membership

Indian Territory SASS will no longer maintain a membership separate from Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club. If you have registered for membership in 2021, your payment will either be refunded (if it’s already deposited), or torn up (if it hasn’t been deposited). As mentioned above, if you’re a cowboy shooter who regularly shoots at Buzzard Gulch and aren’t already a member of Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club, but would like to become one, contact our Mayor, Bad Crooked Aimes.