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2021 Membership and Match Fees

I updated our 2021: A new year for Indian Territory SASS blog post with this information, but I’m sure it’s easily overlooked.

As of this year, Indian Territory SASS will no longer maintain a membership separate from Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club. If you have registered for membership in 2021, your payment will either be refunded (if it’s already been deposited), or torn up (if it hasn’t been deposited). As mentioned previously, if you’re a cowboy shooter who regularly shoots at Buzzard Gulch and aren’t already a member of Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club, but would like to become one, contact our Mayor, Bad Crooked Aimes.

Additionally, we previously communicated that match fees for non-Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club members had gone up. I’m happy to announce that is no longer the case, and match fees for all shooters remains at $8.