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Rule of the Week: Holsters

Continuing on last week’s clothing theme, today I’m going to discuss holsters in the hopes of helping new shooters avoid confusion with this all-important part of SASS equipment.

Revolver holsters seem a simple idea–their primary purpose being to safely carry a revolver throughout a normal range of motion–but there are a few things to watch out for when selecting your holsters:

  • Main match holsters must be located one each on either side of the belly button and separated by at least two fists.
  • Holsters may not depart from the vertical by more than 30° when worn. (See illustration below directly from the RO1 Handbook)Examples of legal and non-legal holsters
  • Particularly when using a crossdraw or shoulder holster, attention is required by the shooter to avoid the revolver leaving the holster and subsequently breaking the 170° rule. (Further clarification below).
  • If you’re shooting in one of the costume categories, there are some additional stipulations on design:
    • Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl: Part of the grip of the revolver, when holstered, must be above the belt on which the holster hangs.
    • B-Western/Lady B-Western: Buscadero or drop holster rigs are required. All revolvers must be carried below the top of the gun belt. Additionally, in keeping with the B-Western theme, all holsters must be embellished.

Holsters and the 170° Rule

As with all firearms, the 170° rule applies to revolvers. However, there is a specific exception for revolvers during the holstering/unholstering process. I will quote directly from the Shooter’s Handbook v25.1, page 3:

When drawing a revolver, the muzzle may be oriented into the straight down (180°) as it clears leather; but must then go immediately into the downrange 170° (and vice versa on the return). These restrictions against breaking the downrange 180° angle apply to all holsters and methods of draw/re-holster. This allowance applies to all types/styles of holsters, from canted double strong side to cross draw, to shoulder/Huckleberry rigs.

Shooter’s Handbook, version 25.1

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