Wednesday Cowboy Action Matches

Everyone is welcome to join us on the Fourth Wednesday of every month for some cowboy action practice!

Whether you’re a Lady Leadslinger, a retired cowboy, or a Buckaroo that’s out of school for summer, this is a cowboy shoot that is really for everyone.

Held at our range located just outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma, in nearby Sand Springs, we’re not too far outside of Tulsey Town, so you don’t have to worry about traveling far.

Nicknamed our “Old Coots’ and Liars’ Shooting Contests”, our Wednesday cowboy action shoots are mainly focused on practice. During these matches, cowboys and cowgirls can expect to enjoy a little bit of a slower-paced day, with different stage types to practice their skills on, whether it’s bringing out the Texas Star or the bottle rack or trying out new stages.A group of cowboy action shooters standing on the deck of their cowboy town's church stage, dressed in their cowboy outfits, cowboy hats, and leather holsters, with guns.

Our resident cowboys often put on a great, fun match filled with all sorts of different things to try.

What to expect during one of our Wednesday cowboy action matches:

  • Fun
  • Jokes
  • Fun
  • Laughs
  • Cowboy Action!

So if you’re looking to enjoy a match just for the fun of cowboy action, this is one of those for you. It’s not as serious as a Saturday or Sunday match and it gives you the chance to get a little practice in or to try something different.

Our cowboy action club is one of the oldest in our area and we try to make sure everyone has a good time at Buzzard Gulch, our cowboy town located at the Red Castle Gun Club’s outdoor range on the amazing John Zink Ranch.

Check out our shooting schedule to find out when our next Wednesday cowboy action shoot takes place and be sure you’re signed up for our email newsletter to get the gate code for the match! Sign up by sending us an email at