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Second Sunday March Match – March 10, 2019

Howdy shooters,  your Buzzard Gulch Reporter here, giving you an update on the latest doings in the Town.
A fun shoot was held Sunday with Eleven Brave Souls who came out to once again brave the elements.  One of these days it just HAS TO WARM THE HECK UP!!!
The day started cloudy and stayed cloudy with a cold wind again off the lake.  I suppose it would not have been too bad provided the humidity was not so high and uncomfortable.  But we all worked our way through it even though many of us were wishing we had put on that winter underwear again.
We had two new shooters who came out, “Cole Miner” was as good as his word and showed up like he said he would, with two very nice Ruger’s and a new/used $2.00 CSA hat.   He did not have a rifle or shotgun yet, but we made sure he had some to use so he could shoot every stage.  And a fine job he did too!
Our other new guy was Jerry Dollar, a Red Castle Member who came out to see what all the fuss was about up at Buzzard Gulch.  He did not go away disappointed.  We made sure he had guns and ammo to shoot and I think he had a great time and will be joining us shortly.
Clean Match Congratulations go to Jack Rabbit Slims, Brazos Valley Kid and Long town Lefty.  SALUTE!!

Top awards go to Angus Red, Jack Rabbit Slims, and J Slim! Way to go!

Our next match is scheduled for this Saturday, 18 Mar 19, Times to be announced.  I believe our Mayor, The Irish Kid and his gun moll, Purdy Darn Good Shooter have something of an “Irish Flair” for us.

So be good Kiddos  and as Little Fat Buddy always says  KEEP ON SHOOTIN !!!!

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