Scores from this Weekend

Hi eveyone!

We had a great time at the range this weekend! We had a total of 18 shooters come out this weekend and brave the cold wind and cloudy skies of Sunday morning. Saturday wasn’t as bad once the sun came out, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen Sunday!

Luckily, we had hot coffee ready on the range for everyone to enjoy, and like the “good ‘ol days”, the cowboys and cowgirls that came out all sat around the coffee spot and chit chatted and caught up. It was wonderful.

(If you just want to get to the juicy stuff, scores are on the website! Feb 17 and Feb 18.)

Our Facebook page will be filled with the videos and photos I managed to take this weekend, so enjoy them as they come out! (Sorry if I missed anyone! But I sure tried to get something for everyone!) We also have a Facebook Group that you can join and chat amongst yourselves or share photos you may have grabbed!

We had quite a few visitors come up our way and enjoy all the lead slinging, one who is just about sure he will be coming back to shoot with his own gear pretty soon. We had a few leather enthusiasts, and another just waiting for his buddy to come on out to play!

Next time you see him, say hi to East Side Louie! He was a new shooter and friend of The Bearded Wonder’s that joined us today!

A couple of Cowfolk from over in Arkansas tried to beat the weather in their neck of the woods and shot with us on Saturday. Thanks to Alabama Bill and Prairie Ghost for joining us at The Gulch! Hope you had a good time on Sunday with Judge Parker’s Marshals!

Long time friend, but someone we haven’t seen in a while Puma Joe came by Sunday to work with the posse and watch the fun, too! Was a great surprise! We even managed to get a sighting of old time friend 45 Slim, too! He couldn’t handle the scattergun due to back surgery, but he threw rocks at those targets like no tomorrow! This weekend was full of catching up!

And we can’t forget mentioning that a few of the cowboys decided to have a Mock Wild Bunch stage after Saturday’s shoot, and they had so much fun that everyone went through the stage 3 times! Check out Little Fat Buddy explaining the stage and shooting through it.

Finally, Congrats to Josey Kidd for taking the top spot on Saturday, and coming in clean, to boot! Also congrats to Irish Kid and Speed Wagon for taking spots 2 and 3 respectively! All of these cowboys earned themselves some 4-piece Valentine’s day chocolate boxes on Saturday!

From today, we’d like to say congratulations to Irish Kid (#1), Angus Red (#2), and The Bearded Wonder (#3) for taking the top 3 spots! No one managed to come out clean today, though.

WHEW! That was a LOT! Our next shoot is Feb 28th for our Fourth Wednesday! We hope a few of you will join Little Fat Buddy and relax!

Til next time!

-Purdy Good
ITSASS Town Clerk