Post 2018 Woolaroc Review!

Hey Y’all!!!

Wasn’t it a hoot this year at Pursuit?! Tons of kids with grandparents and water fun was just a part of the grand time we all had. Some really nice folks who had never come to one of our shoots drove 1,000 miles to visit! Thank you Harry II Late, Trickster and friends! We’re so glad you came out and hope you’re already making plans for next year! 😉

We had a great potluck on Friday with a huge turn out and some of the best food this side of Oklahoma! And I don’t think you can say you were even at Woolaroc if you didn’t hear from The Bearded Wonder asking you over to his camp for some grub! 😉

If you have any photos or videos from the shoot please share them on our Facebook group so everyone can enjoy! Stay tuned for what we got, too!

We had 104 shooters come on out and I know we were all pretty worried about the weather at first, and it did get warm at the end of the day, but man it sure ended up being a pretty great day for lead! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I sure feel like this was one of the best darn Pursuits we’ve had!

HUGE THANKS goes out to all the waddies and folks down from Mizzou for helping set up and tear down stages! You guys are SUCH A BIG HELP!!! We can’t thank you enough!!

THANK YOU BURLY BILL AND CATOOSA RED for putting on such an amazing match every year! Hats off to you both!


  1. Josey Kidd
  2. Irish Kid
  3. Cornbread Jones
  4. Jack Rabbit Slims
  5. Ned Plinkerton
  6. Hondo Tweed
  7. Yellowstone Harry
  8. Broncho Red
  9. Rootin Tootin Rangebum
  10. Ricochet

HUUUGGEEE CONGRATS to our ONLY Clean shooter: Rootin Tootin Rangebum!!!

Scores are on the website!

We hope to see you again real soon!

-Purdy Good
Town Clerk
Indian Territory SASS