Our Shoots This Weekend, Saturday AND Sunday

Howdy everyone!

Our Valentine’s Day shoot is this Saturday, February 17th! We plan to have a few giveaways for our top shooters and what is Valentine’s without chocolate? So everyone will have at least a piece of our hearts..¬†chocolate hearts! ūüėȬ†Irish has told me to let¬†y’all¬†know¬†we plan to set up a Mock Wild Bunch stage for after our shoot on Saturday as well! So grab three magazines for those 1911s and if you don’t have a 97 you can bring any other pump shotgun.

It will be¬†cold morning hours this weekend (remember,¬†we shoot both days!), so be sure to bundle up and grab those hand warmers!¬†We’ll have the fire going and hot coffee ready to go when you get to the range!¬†And¬†keep this under your hats, but we’ll have a tip jar by the coffee to go to Fly and Just L (I removed them from this email and will send them a separate one without this plan!). We plan to do this multiple times throughout the year and we will give them all of the money we raise at the annual Christmas Party.

On that note, we also plan to have little extra stages throughout the year as well that will help raise more money for our two favorite cancer kicking cowboys, so watch your emails. Thanks for helping us help them.

Finally, y’all, we’ll see you on Saturday and Sunday and are looking forward to having a GREAT weekend!

-Purdy Good
ITSASS Town Clerk