Old Timers Wednesday Shoot and Sweating Contest Report

Old Timers Wednesday shoot and Sweating Contest Report:
Wednesday, we had a grand time shooting on the hottest day of the year so far, but it was not all that bad as we had a nice breeze blowing all day.
We shot at the Corral which is nice and open with lots of shade and with the breeze it was comfortable right up to 1200 o’clock when it became steamy.
We had SEVEN brave shooters, including Mr Vice Mayor, Bearded Wonder, his wife Miss Wonder and Daughter Little Wonder (AKA Gwendolyn, AKA Miss Busy).  Mr Vice Mayor took off a day from work and came to shoot with us and Miss Wonder shot and tried out her new guns.  She is already good with those pistols so hubby Bearded Wonder better watch out.
So is was hot, and since we are in a full moon cycle (for those of you who don’t look up at night) that combination caused the Fairies, Gremlins and Leprechauns to come out and mess up our guns.  Almost everyone had either cranky guns, broke guns, misfeeding ammo and one dummy dropped his wife’s rifle and knocked the sights out of alignment (that was yours truly).  During the shoot we had a mini-repair station at the unloading table.
Between the heat, Leprechauns and woodland fairies, no one got a clean match. Poor Tom Slick ALMOST made it but missed a small rifle target on the last stage. There was no joy for poor Tom.  (He he he, I did that, I put up the smallest target I could find).
Well, all of you missed a great fun shoot under unusual circumstances, but we all had a good time.
Keep on Shootin’
Little Fat Buddy
Congrats to our top shooters: Tom Slick, Tuckered Outlaw, and Bad Crooked Aimes! 
-Purdy Good