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Memorial Shoot for Miracle Man and Shawnee, Recap

Hello friends,
Man! It was a great day for a shoot, especially one that helped us share fun and food with our cowboy family.
The forecasted rain probably scared some of you away today, but for those that came out and enjoyed the match and lunch with us today, thank you again so much for coming out and celebrating Miracle Man and Shawnee with us today.
We started the day with a little background on each of our friends, and a story about how our club got started thanks to Shawnee and his wonderful wife, Windblown. We shared some pictures of each of the men doing what they loved, and shared a moment of silence before the shooting began!
Miracle Man and Shawnee Memorial Shoot 5-11-19.jpg
The drizzle only lasted for the first stage or two, and only now and again before it stopped, leaving us with a lot of fun to be had!
We had a lot of new shooters from Miracle Man’s family come and try the sport, as well as an old friend, Dewmour Good, who came out just to watch and be a part. We didn’t come up with any good cowboy aliases today, so yours truly gave them nicknames for the day: “Jackaroo Jason” and “Good Ol’ Boy Brian”. “Trusty Trev” has shot with us before, but I don’t think he has an alias yet, just getting started.

New shooters-with-Barr-Bear and Longtown Lefty at Memorial Shoot 5-11-19.jpg
Miracle Man’s wife came out to watch and enjoy as well. Windblown was unfortunately out of town, so we might just have to have another shoot in memory of our cowboy friends! (Why not?!)
Luckily for all, we said it was a No P day. Nobody made it out clean today, and I know there were plenty of P’s that would have made it onto the scoresheet if we’d counted them!

Irish wrote the stages all to be a little different and a lot of fun. Stage 1 had the rifle targets lined up, single file. Stage 2, we used the BIG cowboy target as a dump at the far berm, and a smaller cowboy just across the creek as a pistol target, plus 6 shotgun targets! Stage 3 saw the pards shooting one pistol on one side, then rifle, then the second pistol on the other side of the Corral. And finally, at the Hotel, everything seemed doable; Three on the outside targets, 2 on the inside targets for both pistol and rifle. Then 2 shotgun targets.

05-11-19 Irish Kid explains the stage at the Hotel Miracle Man and Shawnee.jpg

After all of that, Bearded Wonder treated us to the burgers he cooked on the grill and bacon covered steak bites that Barr Bear brought for us to enjoy (they were SO good). There were chips, Texas caviar, pasta salad, chip dips, pies, cakes, cookies.. it was a great spread!

Getting food from the grillmaster Miracle Man and Shawnee memorial.jpg
It was a fine day for remembering friends and seeing family.
Congrats goes to Charles B. Gatewood for taking the top spot, followed by Irish Kid, and Barr Bear. (No one made it out clean, either!)

Scores are on the website for you! Facebook will have a lot of pictures and Videos to come soon.

Also, don’t forget we’re having a Mother’s Day shoot tomorrow! All the ladies will be shooting CLEAN(!) and I have a couple of ladies-only giveaways. 🙂
Purdy Good