May 22, 2019 Match Recap

Hello Friends,

We hope everyone is safe and sound from all the storms and the flooding that’s going on. We’ve checked in with a few of you and are happy that everyone has been doing good so far. Fingers crossed that the rain goes away soon.

Now to the scores..
Brazos Valley Kid got me the scores for Wednesday’s match, but wouldn’t y’all know it? Some [a lot] of you cowboys didn’t write down your categories!

So while our fancy tablets like to remember aliases and categories and I was able to input a few of you, some of you were input as “Cowboy”, so I could give you scores!

Tisk Tisk! šŸ˜‰ If any of you have incorrect categories and would like them updated, please email me and I’ll get it changed and updated on the website as well.

Based on what we heard from Brazos, we had a couple of new shooters to the range and everyone had a good time.
Bad Crooked Aimes took that top spot home followed by our Brazos Valley Kid and Tuckered Outlaw! Congrats, ‘boys! No one managed to get away clean, though.
Our next scheduled shoot is set for June 9th. We look forward to seeing some of you at Pursuit into the Osage Nation next week! (And don’t forget thatĀ Robbers’ RuckusĀ is in September so get your entries in!)
See you soon,
Purdy Good
Indian Territory SASS