March 17th 2018 Match Results

Good Evening everyone!!
Today was a wonderful shoot! It was pretty cold to start, but it didn’t stop us today! We had at least 3 visitors come watch us sling lead, while we also had 1 new(er) shooter, and a group from down around OKC!
Our St. Patrick’s Day shoot went well, with everyone enjoying our “pot of gold” candy and good company. If you weren’t at the Gulch today, you totally missed our Mayor in his kilt. Don’t worry, we have pictures. Check our Facebook group for when they get uploaded!
All 16 of us shot through a full 6 stages without coming out clean! Too bad. But a Big Congrats goes out to our top three shooters, Angus Red, Stoney Cahill, and Irish Kid, who all walked away with some Sprite, candy, and a can of Ballistol!
Don’t forget we shoot again tomorrow and its the LAST DAY for your member t-shirt orders! If you are interested in shirts, but won’t be at the range tomorrow, please reply to let me know and we’ll get it worked out.
See you all tomorrow!
-Purdy Good
Town Clerk