June 26, 2019 Match Recap

Hello friends!
Here’s what Little Fat Buddy had to say about Wednesday’s shoot:
“Well cowboys and cowgirls, we had a “Retiree and Old Timers” shoot yesterday (Wednesday) and what fun it was.   Everyone but me showed up early ready to shoot and I was late as I did not realize we were on summer hours.  My Bad!!
When we got to Range 1, the train station, we had a very pleasant surprise, the targets were already set up and there were NEW FUN targets to shoot, including a “Hopper” target that launched a clay pigeon 12 feet into the air.  Now shooting that was FUN!!    That is, it was fun for myself, Gunny 00 and Tom Slick, we were the only ones to actually hit the pigeon  :))
We had 12 fun shooters with great attitudes and we shot 6 stages.  But no one was able to score a clean match as the targets were set up as to be very challenging and fun.   lots of laughs and lots of shooting, it was a great day.
So that’s it for Wednesday 26 June, we will have another” Old Timers shoot” on 24 July so All Y’all come out, Ya Hear???
Little Fat Buddy,   Keep on Shootin.”
Those scores are on the website.

We’re looking forward to seeing y’all tomorrow for our annual Jimmy Buffet potluck and luau! We’ll be having burgers, watermelon, and a lot of fun! We hope some of you that haven’t been out in a while can make it!

It’s getting hot outside, so dress cowboy casual (your favorite cowboy shirt and shorts, no flip flops) or wear your favorite Hawaiin outfit a la Jimmy Buffet (still no flip flops, though)! We’ll have leis for everyone to get into the festive mood and Charles B. Gatewood will be writing the 4 stages for our shoot!

So bring your dessert or side dish, bring your pards, bring your guns and let’s have fun!

(Irish wants to remind everyone that even with the earlier start times, we CANNOT get past the John Zink Gate BEFORE 7:00AM. If you find yourself there early, wait at the gate until that time. Thank you.)


Gate Code: 6628
Purdy Good
Indian Territory SASS

P.S. Don’t forget to sign up for Robbers’ Ruckus in September! We’re going to have a great time and we look forward to seein’ you at Buzzard Gulch September 21st!