June 15, 2019 Match Recap

Hey friends!

Some of you may be traveling or at End of Trail, but we had a wonderful time on Saturday with all the pards that came to join us for a little of EOT in Oklahoma on Father’s Day!

All the men had a clean day (as long as their bullets came out of the barrels of their guns, downrange!) while yours truly, the only lady, got to take all of the misses and P’s on their behalves! Haha!

We had a few visitors come by and watch and their younger boys, whom I decided to lovingly call Lil Buck and Big Buck, shot one stage with us while they were there. 10 year old “Lil Buck”, whose real alias is yet to be determined, is very interested in coming to play cowboy and we’re hoping to get his dad hooked, too. 😉
We all enjoyed coffee and donuts and unexpectedly, but very appreciated, The Bearded Wonder showed up late to the shoot with his little girl in tow (whom I have affectionately nicknamed “Wild Wonder” from this day forward) and decided to cook us all lunch after the match, which we all enjoyed together!
Congrats to our top 3 shooters Angus Red, Irish Kid, and Bad Crooked Aimes!

The scores are up on the website! Our regularly scheduled fourth Wednesday shoot will be June 26th.

We’ll see you soon!

​Purdy Good
Indian Territory SASS