July 20, 2019 – Monthly Match Recap

Howdy Cowboy Shooters!!
Little Fat Buddy reporting for the Buzzard Gulch Gazette for the week of 20 July 1880
A glorious summer shoot was held this Saturday and we had Ten Joy Filled Shooters join us.
They were Joyous because, in spite of the weather being hot, there was also a very nice breeze which kept us all very comfortable until about noon when it really got hot.   However since the shoot was finished by 12:30 pm no one seemed to mind too much.  The club provided plenty of cold water for the shooters and we had no heat related incidents.
The Bearded Wonder set up the stages and did a fine job, all the stages were quick, fun and included a little thing we like to call “Shotgun Boogie”, where all misses were made up using the shot gun.  Some people had no misses to make up, others, like myself had four to make up.  It was fun fun fun.
We are having an OLD TIMERS SHOOT,  ON WEDNESDAY, 24 JULY 19.
PLACE——Buzzard Gulch
Time——  8:30 am   Summer Hours
Dress Code —— Cowboy Casual (T-shirt)
Weather ——  Cooler around 87 +   But hot enough to cause problems for the heat sensitive (Me)
Number of Stages ——-  Six
Will we shoot shotguns  ———  Heck yes, a lot
Gate Code: 3400
Y’all Come out, it will be fun
Little Fat Buddy   Keep on Shootin