January 24th Match at Buzzard Gulch

The Bearded Wonder had this to say about today’s shoot:

“We had 7 eager old guys who had a lot of fun on a beautiful day at the range.

We shot the knock down bottles at the corral 3 times. Shooting the bottles at the rifle distance separates the men from the boys. I think we all had to go back to basic marksmanship for the pistols. By the 3rd stage, we were doing much better.

Tuckered Outlaw showed us how it’s done.

So we had a great shoot on a great day.

Thanks to everyone who came out for shooting fun.”

Congrats to Tuckered Outlaw, Smokin’ Okie, and Brazos Valley Kid for taking the top three spots AND for coming out of there clean!

Scores are on the website. 🙂

-Purdy Good
ITSASS Town Clerk