ITSASS St. Patrick’s Day Match – March 2019 Saturday Shoot

Hey there cowpokes!
We had a brilliant day on Saturday, it’s too bad if you had to miss it!
Our St. Patrick’s Day shoot came complete with Irish Cream creamer for the coffee, green giveaways, Donuts, and “gold”!
20190316_085658.jpg 20190316_085645.jpg
The weather started a little cool, but quickly warmed up as our shooters got ready for the match, enjoying hot coffee and donuts! Before we got really started, we did a drawing for the giveways!

Luck was with Angus Red, Longtown Lefty, The Bearded Wonder, and Smokin’ Okie who all got a gorgeous green carabiner, and small bottle of Rem Oil. We also gave away a brick of .22 Long Rifle ammo, OFF! Deep Woods in preparation for Pursuit(!), and a nifty green tin trail cup!

After that, we got started! We had 13 shooters with us for a nice sized posse and we decided to setup the town square to shoot each twice with Irish Kid coming up with Irish Lines; “I’m Irish and in Jail.”, “Get me my shillelagh“, “Where’s my Irish Car Bomb?” and “That’s my Guiness!”
Safe to say, we all had a very fun day, but not a one of us came out clean, even just after the first stage! 
And on top of all of the fun, we had 4 new shooters come take a gander at what it means to be a cowboy shooter! We managed to convince two of them to try it out and they walked away smiling!
See their shooter videos on our Facebook page (they are uploading)!
Our big Congrats of the match goes to Angus Red, Charles B. Gatewood, and Irish Kid for taking the top three spots, respectively!
Join us again for the Ol’ Coot’s Shoot on Wednesday, March 27th!
We’ll see you on the range, Pards!
Purdy Good