ITSASS Monthly Match Recap – September 25, 2019

Hey y’all! Here’s what Little Fat Buddy had to say about Wednesday:
Howdy there Cowboy Shooters,
Little Fat Buddy here of the Buzzard Gulch Gazette, reporting on the Fun Fun Fun Wednesday Shoot we had at the Gulch.
The Top Three Shooters were:
#1 Tuckered Outlaw,  #2 Smokin Okie and #3  Ninety Caliber Al.
Little Fat Buddy shot Clean
Bad Crooked Aims came in dead last, but that was due to ammo problems.
Everyone, the boys especially, need to thank Bad Crooked Aims for repairing the lights in the boys bathroom, so now we can “See to Pee”.   ????? Oops, Did I say that out loud??
The day started off with a light warm rain, but you would never have noticed it as it was SO HUMID. That humidity kept up most of the day, but our EIGHT intrepid Wednesday Shooters soldiered on and had a great time.
We shot 3 stages 2 times each and had lots of fun and laughs.
The next Wednesday shoot is scheduled for 23 October 19, maybe it will be cooler then.
Keep on Shootin
Little Fat Buddy

We’re also shooting this Sunday for our fifth Sunday shoot! With the cooler weather, we’ll be shooting 6 stages for sure and we’ll be shooting fast and furious! We hope you’ll join us!
Safety Meeting at 8:30AM shooting to start soon after!

Purdy Good

Indian Territory SASS