ITSASS Monthly Match Recap – September 14, 2019

Hey pards!
We hope those of you that got to go to the OK State shoot had a great time and shot great!
Today we had our regular monthly match and the weather was pretty nice this morning! We had a good time and even dragged out the Texas Star.
Big congrats to our top shooters, Irish Kid, Tuckered Outlaw, and Bad Crooked Aimes!
And sorry for my confusing email from before. We are NOT shooting Sunday. Today was our monthly match. Sorry friends, I’ve been working hard and got lost when I was writing!
Remember, we have a work party before Robbers’ Ruckus!  See us at Buzzard Gulch on Friday, September 20th to help get the final touches on the range. I’ll send another reminder email later with gate codes and details.
(Waddies get tickets for our annual drawings at our annual member Christmas Party! We’ve been writing everyone’s names down and adding them to the bucket all year!!)
We’re excited to see all of our friends for Robbers’ Ruckus on September 21st!
We can’t wait to see you on the range.
Purdy Good
Indian Territory SASS