February 2019 Shoot on Saturday

Hello friends!
Saturday was F-f-freezing! When Irish and I got to the range it was 26 degrees. We were seeing the tiniest of snowflakes. You better believe I got that fire and coffee started as fast as I could! Little Fat Buddy told Irish and I that, from his memory, the coldest shoot Indian Territory has ever had was 19 degrees. And he “loves it when the weather is like this”. Uh huh. Suuuurrreee. He said this as he covered his face with a balaclava/face mask!
Prepared for a small group, we were pleasantly surprised when not only our die-hard cowboys came out, but also THREE NEW SHOOTERS!
“Cat Hunter” and his mom, Ida, came out to enjoy the camaraderie and watch a match, but we all know what that means.. ! They got guns put in their hands! Ida only shot for fun, but “Cat Hunter” shot 4 stages with us. I believe one or both may come back very soon. 🙂
“Cole Miner” came out just to watch a match as well, and he got away with only shooting one stage, but he was sure hooked and vowed to visit again and maybe even join our Ol’ Coot’s Shoots on 4th Wednesdays.
So how did we make it through 6 stages in the bitter cold?! With fire, coffee, chocolate, hand warmers, and Bad Crooked Aimes’ propane heater! Oh, and great company, of course! We closed up the doors on the livery and shot all 6 at the Church, and we left our shotguns in our carts to make it a little quicker and a little different! With such a great crowd, we had a lot of fun.
On our 5th stage, Irish Kid pulled a bail of hay and we had to shoot the bow and arrow at a Sugar Pie “conversation heart” for a 10-second bonus. If we missed that but hit the bail of hay, he graciously gave us a 5-second bonus. This cowgirl did not hit either (and neither did Irish, haha!). But Cat Hunter was the ONE cowboy that hit the heart for the 10-seconds off of his time! Both Tuckered Outlaw and Little Fat Buddy hit the bail to take 5 seconds off their scores.
So yes it was cold, but we had a great time and by the time we were halfway done, the icicles were melting.
Congratulations to Irish and Tuckered for taking the top spots of this year’s Valentine’s shoot! No one managed to get away clean on this one, but I’m giving a personal round of applause to us all for showing up and sticking it out!
Say hello to your 7 out of 8 of your brave cowboys and cowgirls!
The scores are here! We’ll be shooting again on February 27th for our Ol’ Coot’s shoot.

And a quick reminder! ITSASS Dues are due! If you are interested in becoming a new ITSASS member or renewing your membership and supporting the club, you can find the membership forms and more information about our club here.

Also! Don’t forget about our member t-shirts! We’ve got a design in mind and we’ll get started with orders in March! These are member t-shirts that not only help support the club but are also just a fun way to show off your cowboy membership. 🙂
We’ll see you next time on the range, friends!
Purdy Good
Indian Territory SASS