Club Officers

Indian Territory SASS Club Officers

Our club officers are elected each year by the members in our club. They serve as our leadership and help bring new props, or stages, or even new members into our “town” of Buzzard Gulch. They are responsible for keeping the club running smoothly and making sure the members are having a great (and safe) time while they shoot with us, among many other things.

If you ever have any concerns or questions or ideas, please reach out to any of our officers to discuss what’s on your mind. We’re happy to help promote the spirit of the game and look forward to working with cowboys and cowgirls from all over to keep the game alive!

For concerns or problems with the website, please contact the Mayor.

MayorSlow Handphone: 918-508-9381
Vice-MayorLucky Dollarphone:  918-693-6610
Co-SheriffAngus Redphone: 
Co-SheriffTuckered Outlawemail:
Territorial GovernorNinety Caliber Alphone: 918-855-7667


Interested in a copy of our Club By Laws? Learn all about how our club is run, who does what, and what our club is all about.