Club History

How It All Began

Club Name:
Indian Territory Single Action Shooting Society
Date of Birth:
September 13, 1992
Responsible Party:
Jim “Shawnee” Horn & Butch “Bodie” Brandt
Place of Birth:
Strang, Oklahoma
Original Size:
35 members

This all began on July, 1989 when the Horns (Jim “Shawnee” and Lucinda “Windblown”) went on vacation to NRA Whittington Center in Raton, New Mexico. The Old West Shooting Association (OWSA) was having their annual match. Shawnee, loving anything that involves guns, had to investigate what all the shooting was about. He came upon a group of people dressed the “Cowboy way.” There, Shawnee met Bill and Dorothy Hahn, along with other members of OWSA. Shawnee was invited to try shooting.

Shawnee was excited about the thought of a club being formed in Oklahoma. With the prospect of a club in mind, Shawnee and Windblown got busy making props (steel targets, jail house, saloon, bank, donkeys, cactus, etc.) After a few days, Shawnee came up with name Indian Territory Single Action Shooting Society. Some of the props that are used today came from talented Bill Hahn of OWSA. Our mascot and logo, the Vulture, was one of Hahn’s designs and Shawnee and Windblown were given permission to adopt. Hahn made so many new props each year for OWSA that soon they had too many. Hahn spoke with Shawnee and offered him the props for the new club.

Shawnee had hopes of getting a club going, but, unfortunately, it was not coming together. On his trip to the OWSA annual match, Shawnee met Butch “Bodie” Brandt and found out that Bodie, originally from California, had moved to Sapulpa. Soon after returning from Raton, Shawnee called Bodie to discuss the possibility of a club in Oklahoma. With props and a name for their new club, it was time to find a location.

The first match was held at a gravel pit in Strang, Oklahoma on September 13, 1992. The first match turnout was great: 35 shooters from Arkansas, Missouri, Colorado and Oklahoma. The gravel pit soon proved to be too small to hold the matches and so a search began for a new place. Bodie found a place in Sapulpa, the Pistol Silhouette Club. It was bigger, but not transportation friendly.

The current location for monthly and annual matches is at our great range located at John Zink Ranch in Sand Springs. We couldn’t be more proud.

“Shawnee would like to thank all ITSASS members who have helped with construction, repairs and donations of their equipment, tools and supplies. Thank you also to those who have taken on the task of officers, committees and all helpers. Your help has made this club a success and a great family place”

Thank you all,
Jim “Shawnee” Horn

“I made a promise, after the first shoot, that no one would go hungry or thirsty. No charge to anyone. What happened was I “Windblown” was not prepared for the hot, hungry, thirsty shooters that September 13, 1992 day. Most had not brought a lunch or drink. With no store or food place near by to get food or drinks, I went home and got what I had on hand, fast to fix food and water.

I served lunch and coffee at no charge, donations were welcomed but not necessary. The only charge was for soda pop. In order to help pay for the lunches the first ITSASS caps and t-shirts were purchased by Windblown & Shawnee with profits going toward food and supplies. The donations picked up and were enough for food so profit from caps and t-shirts were turned over to ITSASS. I enjoyed doing the lunches but in October, 1998 I was no longer able to continue due to the fact that I now had my mother to care for.”

Thank you all
Lucinda “Windblown” Horn