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2021 Membership and Match Fees

I updated our 2021: A new year for Indian Territory SASS blog post with this information, but I’m sure it’s easily overlooked.

As of this year, Indian Territory SASS will no longer maintain a membership separate from Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club. If you have registered for membership in 2021, your payment will either be refunded (if it’s already been deposited), or torn up (if it hasn’t been deposited). As mentioned previously, if you’re a cowboy shooter who regularly shoots at Buzzard Gulch and aren’t already a member of Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club, but would like to become one, contact our Mayor, Bad Crooked Aimes.

Additionally, we previously communicated that match fees for non-Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club members had gone up. I’m happy to announce that is no longer the case, and match fees for all shooters remains at $8.

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22LR Guidelines

Courtesy of Josey Kidd

As previously announced, with the shortage of reloading components currently available for purchase, Indian Territory SASS will be allowing adult competitors to participate in our matches using 22LR chambered firearms. While 22LR itself is also in short supply on store shelves, the intent here is that anyone who may have stockpiled it can now use their 22LR firearms to compete and perhaps save the centerfire ammunition for larger annual matches and championships.

Josey Kidd wrote up a set of rules for Tulsey Town Cattlemen’s Association to guide their use of 22LR. With the idea that it would be beneficial for both clubs to operate from the same set of rules, Josey was kind enough to allow Indian Territory SASS to use his guidelines as well. Below are the standards to which Indian Territory SASS will adhere for as long as we have this category. All portions, including allowing this category, are subject to change at any point, although such changes would be communicated.

22LR Guidelines: Indian Territory SASS

This club only category is being developed to help ease the burden of the primer and ammo shortage currently being experienced. The club has the right to abandon this category at any time if shortages recover, or if logistical reasons develop.

  • Ammunition: .22 Long Rifle standard-velocity ammunition only.
  • Revolvers: .22LR single-action pistols chambered for six rounds; e.g., Heritage Rough Rider, Ruger Wrangler, Ruger Single Six, Colt Frontier Scout, Uberti Cattleman, Uberti Stallion, Hawes and Jager .22LR single-actions. Only models that are chambered for six rounds so we can adhere to SASS safety measures of loading five rounds and have the hammer rest on an empty chamber.
  • Rifles: Rifles would include the Henry .22LR lever action models, of which there are many. As well as Rossi or Winchester pump-action gallery style rifles, Browning lever 22 rifle, Uberti Scout, Yellow Boys, and 1873’s are acceptable. Rifles must be lever or pump action.
  • Shotguns: Shotguns will remain the same as current SASS conventions for adult competitors.

Please feel free to contact one of the Indian Territory SASS officers with questions about firearms not listed or in question.

Safety Topics

  • While this is a .22LR cartridge, it is still a firearm and shall be treated with the same safety measures as all other firearms.
    • Pistols:
      • Many .22LR revolver cylinders are recessed, making it more difficult to determine if the hammer is over the empty cylinder. More care will have to be given while loading.
      • Additionally, due to the generally smaller frame size of most .22LR revolvers, they will fit somewhat loose in our normal holsters. Paying attention while holstering, drawing, and reholstering will be needed.
      • Movement on a stage will require shooter’s attention also, so a pistol doesn’t fly out of a holster.
    • Rifles:
      • Many .22LR rifles are loaded from a slot at the forward end of the magazine tube after unlatching and taking the follower most of the way out of the magazine. Because of the awkwardness of this maneuver, reloading on the clock will be discouraged. Stages will be written to prevent on the clock reloads during this time.

When signing up for the match, if shooting .22LR’s, you will be in one of two categories: .22LR Men’s, or .22LR Women’s. All shooting styles and costumes are accepted in these categories, with respect that your clothing should meet at least the bare minimum SASS requirements.

To keep it fair across the board, if you decide to shoot .22LR category, both pistols and rifle must be of .22LR caliber. Shotgun will be anything SASS legal for adults.