Post Review of our 6th Annual Jimmy Buffet Shoot

Hey Friends!

We had quite a bit of fun today at our annual Jimmy Buffet Shoot on our 5th Sunday! The weather treated us well, and sprinkled as we got onto the range and then it left us with a pretty beautiful day for shooting!

We even had a few visitors, and one new shooter, guest of Bad Crooked Aimes. We called him Roughneck Nineteen, but if he gets hooked, he may very well come up with his own name. 🙂 He said he had a hoot with us so we naturally invited him back anytime!

Roughneck is the husband of “Badder Crooked Aimes” who we saw last weekend!

We also got a visit from a few shooters we haven’t seen in a while; Dillard, Barr Bear, and C.B. Barr! C.B. didn’t stay to shoot the stages, but said hello!

After all the shooting was done, we enjoyed delicious hamburgers and hotdogs, courtesy of Little Fat Buddy’s cooking and Sassy Jo’s help!

It was a great day and everyone talked about how they really had a good time. So if the rain kept you away, you missed it, but maybe next time!

Also remember, September 1st is our Deadline for Ruckus in the Nations, and we’re filling up, so if you haven’t gotten your entries in, you should really think about getting yours in quick!

Anyway, Scores are on the site! See y’all next time!

-Purdy Good
Indian Territory SASS