12-8-2019 ITSASS Match Recap

Howdy Friends, Little Fat Buddy here with a report on the Sunday, 8 Dec 19 Shoot.
The day dawned clear and not too cold, but later clouded up along with a wind.  It was not too bad but it was cool.
We had 12 shooters come out and included in them was The Creek County Kid and Dead Eye Dillon, Clint Westwood, Matt Valentine, Snake Oil George and E.K. Hale.
Those guys put on a shooting display which was not too be missed. Dead eye Dillon had one stage of 9 Seconds.  His overall time for all six stages was 99 seconds.  WOW!!!
Dead Eye also wrote the stages which were new, challenging and FUN!!
Top shooter was, of course, Dead Eye Dillon
Second place was Creek County Kid (shocker)
Third place was Clint Westwood.
The clean match went to Clint Westwood.
Little Fat Buddy