Welcome to Tulsa’s Oldest Cowboy Action Shooting Society

COVID-19 Information

Given the ongoing possibility of infection with COVID-19, we ask for all participants to assess their own health and stay home if you are experiencing symptoms or have had a positive COVID-19 test within the last 10 days. If you feel more comfortable wearing a face mask, feel free to do so. We want to keep everyone healthy and shooting. Thank you very much!

Indian Territory SASS is the oldest Single Action Shooting Society club in Oklahoma. We are proud to preserve and promote the history of the Old West as well as competitive shooting sports. We are proud to be a SASS Affiliated club.

Our range is open to anyone and everyone who is interested in watching or joining our club. The range is located on John Zink Ranch several miles north of Sand Springs.

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Visit the Match Schedule page to see when you can join our next shoot!

Not sure what the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) is? It’s a shooting sport, also known as Cowboy Action Shooting. All participants are asked to dress up in period-correct clothing and shoot period-correct guns. The shoot scenarios mimic our favorite old western movie scenes, complete with fun lines to say.

What can you expect?

You’ll listen to the R.O. (range officer) explain the stage, make sure you understand the course of fire, then hit the targets in the order you were told – as fast as you can! Misses count against your time, as do shooting targets in the wrong order.

The best part? You can either compete against yourself (your best times) or shoot to compete against a buddy in the same category. That’s right, we have different categories so you can find a style you enjoy.

Whether it’s Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter — shooting one pistol in each hand, loaded with black powder ammunition in all of your weapons — or just plain old Cowboy or Cowgirl — shoot one pistol at a time, in both hands, smokeless powder in all of your weapons — we have a category for just about anyone.

We also have age-based categories. Different categories also dictate how you’ll dress. For example, Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl or B-Western (which is a lot like what you might think).

Did you know we have Cowgirls AND Buckaroos/Buckarettes (13 and younger)? We welcome the whole family to shoot safely and have fun! If any of this sounds interesting, you should join us for a match! Just be sure to sign up for our gate code mailing list, as our range is located inside of the beautiful John Zink Ranch, a gated facility.